Long island city

“We've seen people coming from everywhere. They're coming from many, many zip codes.”
It's only the second Sonic ever in NYC (the first is on Staten Island).
At P.S. 166 Henry Gradstein in Queens, total cases nearly tripled over the past week.
Capacity was kept to a minimum, but those who got in had a blast .
The driver of the Civic was headed west on Borden Avenue near the Long Island Expressway “at a high rate of speed” when the driver lost control, officials said.
Unlike the typical food hall model of the past, delivery will likely play a major role here at Jacx&Co for now.
Tacos in nine varieties are the stars of the Top Quality menu.
The Queens resident took a photo of a cop who wasn't wearing a mask and got detained, searched, cuffed, and slapped with a summons.
"All the staff were wearing masks. But not the clients—no one was wearing masks, no one was social distancing, 100%."
The test is $35 per customer with health insurance, or $51 without insurance.
Watch some videos of last night's fireworks displays, which took place off LIC and in Coney Island.
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