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In its new report card, the environmentalist group Save the Sound found too much nitrogen and not enough oxygen in the waters of the Western Narrows.

The village of Lynbrook recently released an 11-page plan detailing how the government and essential services could run without broadband.

Scientists blame parasites encouraged by the climate crisis. But they’re also hopeful the marine animal could be saved before the industry goes bust.

While much of Long Island is seen as white and conservative, it has now become “the quintessential swing area … that’s decided national elections."

WNYC’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered are working remotely this week.

In the same time period, 30 people won court judgments against Nassau County Police for allegations of false arrest and excessive force.

Most of what’s being harvested for legal dispensaries isn’t attractive enough for “bag appeal” or potent enough to be sold for smoking.

The "Long Island Divided" investigation was published in 2019, but the report is still ruffling feathers in suburbia.

Both updates arrived without press conferences to the public, even though polio is known to cause paralysis in children and the New York City school system started classes on Thursday.