Milton Glaser's iconic 'I ❤️️ NY' logo was introduced forty years ago this week.
The important to thing to remember here is that no matter what YOU think, it won't change anything.
The Port Authority paid $3.57 million for this (and some other stuff)!
Madison Square Garden made Billy Joel a franchise today.
The I ♥ NY Logo gets the Hurricane Sandy treatment, for charity.
The look of the New York City taxi cab is changing again, and no we aren't talking about the Taxi of Tomorrow.
Gays, fruit flies, queens, and a smattering of the press came out to bid adieu to the fourth season of RuPaul's Drag Race last night. It was very.
Yesterday, our sources confirmed that was indeed the team's new logo—and today, there are leaked pics of some new Nets gear. Hmm, we see a whole lot of "Brooklyn" and not very much "Nets" there...
Nets CEO Brett Yormark wouldn't comment, simply saying, "Our entire brand identity will be introduced by us on monday."
Milton Glaser's original sketch for the now famous logo was done in the back of a cab, and is now on the wall at MoMA.
Left: the logo now appearing on Eno's website, Right: an overlay
Left: Eno's Pizza Tavern logo, Right: Brooklyn Brewery [UPDATE BELOW] Sometimes
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