They threw their friend an impromptu 'five star restaurant experience on the J train,' complete with a meal of lobster, spaghetti and white wine.
A new study suggests baby lobsters won't be able to survive higher ocean temperatures that result from climate change.
Will no one consider the lobster[s]?
This season brought in a record-low lobster haul.
In the era of the $40 lobster roll, every crustacean is a potential goldmine.
May we recommend you wrap each other in dumplings and nuzzle up to some corn/pickled mushrooms and a drizzle of Moroccan glaze?
Looks like foodie-ism's burgeoning popularity has finally made its way to the city's criminal underworld; a man accused of stealing gourmet food from restaurant delivery trucks was caught and arrested this week.
The mild winter has caused a big boom in the lobster population up in Maine, and while that's good for customers in restaurants charging market price, it's really hurting the state's lobstermen.
Lobster Rolls—they're everywhere. Are you sick of them yet?
Staten Island: where you go when you want to try to win a live lobster for $2.
The lobster catches in Maine have been amazing the past few years, but some scientists worry this could all end very badly.
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