Liz krueger

The lawmakers wrote in a letter that "vital information about the proposed Penn Station deal has still not been provided to taxpayers and the lawmakers elected to ensure their dollars are spent wisely and their city is developed smartly.”
"Unlike any other state in this nation, this legislation is intentionally about equity."
The latest front in the war on smoking: the butt.
Governor Cuomo could be doing much more to help the soaring number of homeless people in New York City, according to elected officials and advocates.
The all-day hearing was the first of several being staged across the state before the commission, known as the New York Campaign Financing Commission, makes its full recommendations in December.
'I have no doubt that prohibition is an outdated and irrational policy, and its days are numbered.'
With just one day left in legislative session, state lawmakers are mounting a final, frantic push to legalize marijuana in New York state. But will it be enough?
'There is broad agreement that just one person in Albany is now preventing this from passing: Senator Liz Krueger, whose district receives as many food deliveries as any by low-wage New Yorkers on e-bikes.'
'I never try to make assumptions about why Andrew Cuomo does anything.'
The program has cost state taxpayers $6.5 billion over the last 15 years, for an economic benefit that is somewhere between negligible and negative.
How does Cuomo's plan stack up against the other legalization proposals in the state, and across the country?
What does Governor Cuomo like? Winning, even if means fighting transparency or using women as a cynical tool to marginalize progressive New Yorkers.
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