Living wage

The "Fight for 15" movement started in NYC in 2012.
The fast comes on the heels of a 24-hour strike for living wages and union representation.
"Working part-time at UPS is like modern day slavery. That's the only way I can describe it."
If you want the people who serve you restaurant food to make a living wage in New York City, you will tip them 20%.
Cuomo previously called a $13/hour minimum a "nonstarter" in Albany.
Though not explicitly stated, the board is expected to recommend a $15-per-hour wage, as fought for by employees.
"The company gives me 5 rags to clean 14 or more planes and each plane has 3-4 bathrooms. I have to use the same rag to clean the floor, wall, toilet, and sink."
"I can't remember the last time I hired someone who wasn't commuting from far out in Brooklyn or Queens."
Wages, meanwhile, have fallen.
"New York State ranks first in public assistance spending per fast-food worker, $6,800 a year. That’s a $700 million annual cost to taxpayers."
The deal means Brookfield may only lease to tenants who are willing to pay their employees a living wage, even if they're part of a nationwide or international chain.
"The cost of life increases every day, but the salaries are down. And you can't live with that money."
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