Livery cabs

Two cab drivers were shot in fatal carjackings this month.
Surveillance video released by the NYPD shows four possible suspects running from the victim's car.
The administration will not be moving forward with an expected 6,000 green cab-expansion next month.
According to surveillance video, the driver tried drive away after getting stabbed, but crashed a block away.
Mayor Bloomberg was visited by the Appellate Court Fairy today.
It looks like public transportation will be a mess for a while, but the city is certainly working on other ways to help you get around.
More bad news for fans of alternative transportation: yesterday, a Manhattan judge put the kibosh on Bloomberg's Five Boro Taxi plan, ruling that the methods the administration used to get it passed were unconstitutional.
Mayor Bloomberg just wanted to make it legal to hail a livery cab in the outer boroughs and all he gets is headaches.
The new cabs will feature lights on the roof, credit card machines, and taximeters—all the amenities that currently make yellow cabs the preferred choice for most New Yorkers.
Six livery cab drivers were indicted yesterday on charges of Promoting Prostitution as part of an alleged "brothel on wheels" run by an alleged father-son pimp team.
Though taxi medallion owners are going to fight it in court until the last second, Bloomberg's dream of a legal street hail livery cabs is now much, much closer to reality.
Should livery cab drivers be allowed to pack heat? The TLC doesn't think so.
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