At least now we know where to stock up on free diapers, condoms, and balloons.
Can we expand this ban to outside Phish concerts?
Help, how can I clean up these filthy streets?
The current carts run on gas.
"My many years of residency in New York have given me ample time to consider the pathology of litterbugs."
An audit reveals that customers were never asked whether they preferred the trash cans removed.
A pilot program designed to reduce the trash in subway stations has, in fact, reduced trash in subway stations.
Man spotted throwing McDonald's trash all over the subway car floor. That's a big NO, sir.
A counter intuitive pilot program aimed at reducing garbage in subway stations by removing trash cans appears, against all logic, to be working.
Do the cops on Staten Island have absolutely nothing better to do?
The Parks Department is apparently contributing to the mess on Brighton Beach because people can't be bothered to walk to the trash can.
This priceless piece of vintage video footage has resurfaced on YouTube, wherein
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