Advocates for Children says the school system has "failed" children, with less than 47% of all third through eighth graders, and only 36% of Black and Hispanic students, scoring proficient in reading on 2019 state tests.
With children falling behind on reading skills, Schools Chancellor David Banks wants to change the curriculum.
This is why you need an official photographer, Donald!
There is a backlash to that backlash, with friends and associates coming forward to dismiss any doubts about Lee's desire for 'Go Set A Watchman' to be released.
It all seemed too good to be true—and now a lot more information has come out suggesting that it perhaps IS too good to be true. Or not. It's all very confusing.
This is the closure that fans have been demanding ever since Boo Radley was trapped inside the Black Lodge by the malevolent spirit of Bob.
It doesn't bode well for the city's youth that the majority of its teachers-in-training can't pass a literacy test.
It's great cab drivers are staying informed about current events, but some cab passengers feel that driving a taxi might not be the ideal time to peruse the newspaper.
The paper's response to criticisms of their coverage of the Greg Kelly rape accusations reflects a piercing hatred for basic literacy and is a new low, even for the Limbo of tabloids.
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