Lit lounge

A new sign strongly implies that perhaps this isn't the end.
He taught at the $43,000-a-year Léman Manhattan Preparatory School.
Lit Lounge, the EV's premier subterranean sweat cave, is closing up shop. It's reopening on McKibbin Street in Bushwick, but who cares.
Lit Lounge and McKibbin Lofts are finally merging into one awesome hydra, and it will And pastries? What in hell is going on around here?
Lit Lounge's basement is everybody's favorite East Village spot to rub up against a stranger in the dark, and this week you can do it with a classy drink in hand.
Lit Lounge grows up and moves to Brooklyn. Owner of Lit, Max Brennan, is opening a new "cozy lounge" in Williamsburg later this month, just don't expect a rock club.
Happy Birthday, Lit. We love you, even if we can't remember all those special nights we spent together.
The East Village is hosting a three-day "Culture of Contact" festival at
Acting on a hot tip from Mindy, Gothamist went to check out
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