Liquor license

The hospitality industry is calling on state lawmakers to allow faster, temporary liquor licenses to promote the city’s economic rebound.
That includes a bar in the Astoria neighborhood where hundreds flocked this weekend, as well as a strip club on Long Island.
Williamsburg doesn't want Starbucks wine, nor its beer.
If items on the agenda for an upcoming SLA meeting hold true, the restaurant group could lose their ability to sell alcohol for the next six months.
Urban Outfitters is forging ahead with its plan for total world domination, attempting to secure a liquor license for its forthcoming megastore currently under construction in Williamsburg.
The businessmen were hoping to sway Council Member Donovan Richards with cash.
Previously, bars could boast pole dancing, lap dancing and other NSFW offerings without alerting communities beforehand, as long as the dancers weren't topless
The Blind Barber is welcome to use a blind barber, but the Community Board doesn't want them serving booze in Williamsburg.
Neighbors of restaurant and bar Hudson Clearwater say confused diners are knocking on their apartment building doors, mistaking them for the restaurant's entrance.
We got to see the city's first liquor license up close and personal... it was issued under the authority of Queen Anne!
Finally, Barcade's plans to move into a Manhattan outpost are moving forward with a new Chelsea location.
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