The battle over to-go beverages has pitted the restaurant industry against the liquor store industry, which has a history of influence in Albany.
"I didn't bring any of the kitchen staff in, but I'm cooking tater tots to go with every order. So everybody gets tater tots and a cocktail if they order."
In addition, whether the establishment is delivering via Seamless, another third party or their own delivery person, that deliverer must have a copy of the liquor license with them.
"Whatever you could order [in] the bar or restaurant or distillery or winery you can purchase through takeout," Cuomo said.
Make vodka cool again.
More than 25,000 cocktails were poured.
Federal law mandates that all states create meaningful welfare reforms before February 2014, or face a 5% cut in funding.
The NY Post's claim that many bars around the city have taken to switching your booze for a cheaper brand.
Another day, another threat that a politician might try and take away our precious, precious booze.
It wasn't a slam dunk, but the Barclays Center owners must be feeling pretty good about their hearing with the State Liquor Authority today.
You can put your booze in there.
Clubs "should not suffer a death penalty before a determination of guilt," Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Geoffrey Wright wrote in his decision to give the club its booze back.
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