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LIPA is still sending new utility bills to a firefighter whose home burned down during Sandy.

Up to 9,300 single-family homes and 12,970 multi-family homes will receive $350 and $250 million respectively to "restore their homes, implement resiliency measures and remediate mold."

17 families whose homes were destroyed in the devastating fire that swept through Breezy Point during Hurricane Sandy intend to sue the Long Island Power Authority [LIPA] for negligence.

69 percent of registered New York voters said recent storms like Sandy and Tropical Storm Irene "demonstrate global climate change rather than representing isolated weather events."

While the neighborhoods shattered by Hurricane Sandy are far from being back to normal, the faceless bureaucratic mechanisms of the City and the Long Island Power Authority seem to be kicking back in.

Meanwhile, in an effort to fix its public image, LIPA yesterday unveiled a number of moves to "soften the blow" to customers left in the dark after the storm.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has subpoenaed Con Ed and the Long Island Power Authority [LIPA] for documents pertaining to their "handling" of infrastructure before, during, and after Hurricane Sandy.

The suspect's mother says, "My son was jumped and attacked because he said something to the guy who was peeing in the parking lot in front of his girlfriend."

During a meeting before Hurricane Sandy, LIPA executive were more concerned with hiring a branding consultant than the oncoming storm. In fact, they spent less than a minute discussing the incoming hurricane.