The payphone is headed to the Museum of the City of New York as part of a new exhibit about pre-digital life in NYC.
The city's top information services official said she was "poised to take any and all necessary action against these multiple breaches of contract to collect the money the city is owed."
Once again, someone — or someones?? — have shattered the screens on a number of our local data sponges.
If surveillance is your concern, then the cameras probably aren't your biggest problem.
The footage captures the screen shattering upon impact.
'This is why we can't have nice dystopian capitalist data harvesting things.'
On the day before Halloween, I received a 2,000-word manifesto from an unnamed person taking credit for the spooky jingle blasting through the city's LinkNYC kiosks.
Some answers to our questions remain elusive, but others are beginning to snap into focus.
The jingle haunting continues, and none of us are safe.
What aren't we being told about this ice cream mirage?
Two possessed kiosks were spotted near 67th Street and Broadway on Wednesday afternoon.
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