“If you don't get here by a certain time, you might as well come another day. You gotta get here early,”
At least a hundred people were waiting on line Friday to get a taste of fluffy Japanese pancakes at the grand opening of Flipper’s.
'There was a 7-hour wait time yesterday and to ensure that everyone in line was able to make it to the throne, we shut down the line,' an HBO rep said.
These impressively light, sweet treats are only available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and only for three hours each day. Needless to say, there is a line.
Welcome to our new series, WHY?
Ready to feel old? This pastry was born in 2013.
I suppose is better than paying $2K for VIP tickets to one of her talks, but still.
A lot of people are!
On the bright side, the city's going to do something about it.
New Yorkers won't let dire weather warnings stand between them and their dumplings
Democracy is messy, especially in New York.
There were enough people packed around SoHo to cause cops to close Wooster Street between Spring and Broome Streets around 4:30 p.m.
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