At least a hundred people were waiting on line Friday to get a taste of fluffy Japanese pancakes at the grand opening of Flipper’s.
The line formed hours before the shop is opening.
People have been waiting on line in the rain for the 7 p.m. screenings.
In 1983, Darth Vader of Staten Island waited on line to see Return of the Jedi in Times Square.
Here's a video showing the entire line of possibly insane people this morning.
People are waiting on line again...
Upcoming blizzard has brought on a city-wide linepocalypse.
Nobodies and Members are waiting hours to get into the Rain Room, many not even getting in at all... but VIPs apparently have a whole separate entrance and now wait.
A: Oh about EIGHT HOURS.
The people at Dominique Ansel tell us the long line is due to the arrival of the new Cronut™ flavor: blackberry.
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