Linda rosenthal

The contract between Trump's company and the maintenance contractor expired on November 7th, according to a DOT spokesperson.
"I know what's in my toothpaste and my shampoo, I should know what's in my tampons."
It's believed 25% of cats in the U.S. are declawed.
Upper West Side residents are worried the city is abandoning its northwestern flank as the rats close in.
A new ad paid for by the hotel industry claims Airbnb is bringing terrorists into your neighborhood.
The law would impact hosts in multi-unit buildings.
With only a few days left in the legislative session, advocates are furious with Cuomo's silence on a bill extending the statute of limitations for abuse victims seeking justice.
"It's the same thing as when the city started giving out free condoms. It didn't mean people would go out and start having sex, it meant that they were going to have sex with or without."
A state lawmaker took it upon herself to crack down on Airbnb's presence in New York City, launching a crafty sting operation to catch repeat offenders on video.
The bill would prohibit the controversial practice unless it were deemed medically necessary.
The bill gives local governments the ability to strengthen and tighten state regulations on pet dealers that are already in place.
The Department of Homeless Services is riling up Upper West Siders this week, moving 2009 homeless families into two low-income apartment buildings on West 95th Street.
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