The slate of reforms was prompted by a fatal upstate limo crash in 2018 that killed 20 people — the deadliest transportation incident in the country in the past decade.
'It looked like it went through a chop shop,' man who rented the vehicle for his 2017 wedding recalled.
The limousine had recently failed a state inspection and wasn't roadworthy.
"This is the most deadly transportation accident in this country since February of 2009."
This menacing vehicle was spotted in Greenpoint BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?
A drunken 24-year-old stole a limo with five passengers in it and went on a joy ride through the West Village.
It's prom season! And this year, teenagers want to vomit up
Lawmakers are planning to get rid of an 8.875% sales tax
A bike messenger pedals upstream in Manhattan. (NewYorkDailyPhoto) A bike messenger
Betty Tsang When it's around 5 p.m. on a Friday and
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