The Department of Transportation will allow three companies to drop 3,000 scooters in Eastchester, Coop-City and Morris Park.
Gomez's death marks the first fatality on a shared electric scooter in the state of New Jersey.
The would-be rider suffered a non-critical burn to his leg.
Citi Bike is predominantly catering to wealthy, white New Yorkers, while leaving behind low-income residents and communities of color, according to a new study out of McGill University.
'Hopefully, long term, e-scooters will prove themselves in the outer boroughs, and we've seen in other states and cities where they’ve have operated and replaced car trips at significant rates.'
The Rockaways' dockless bike provider is expanding its fleet by fifty percent, giving a boost to a somewhat troubled pilot program that kicked off on the peninsula last summer.
A new, dockless era of commercialized bike sharing dawned in our city this past weekend. Here's everything you need to know.
As health-code inspections in bars and restaurants continue apace in the wake
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