"I typed in 'Christmas lights in NYC' and found Dyker Heights, this was the number one result."
The Dyker Heights lights are back, in all their twinkling glory.
Helicopters were spotted hovering around the ESB, as lights rapidly flashed and cycled through various colors.
'The engineers and the experts see a crime problem, but then they go way overboard, and overlight the neighborhoods. They obliterate the night.'
Look to the Empire State Building for a dazzling light show tonight.
The Manhattan skyline currently boasts the wattage of a million stars, but a new City Council bill may require it to dim on behalf of the environment.
DUMBO was packed to the brim with people this weekend for the Festival Of Light, a curated collection of lighting installations from renowned artists all across the world.
As you can see from the pictures, it's both a little eerie and a bit of a relief to see all those LCD screens turned off.
Where holiday decorations are concerned, it's best to go the Full Griswold.
One recent Dyker Heights visitor says: "Don't give me a couple a shiny balls and some limp tinsel! I want you to bitch-slap me with a billion blinking lights"... and other amazing things.
Coney Island's now defunct Parachute Jump will get some new life next year with a new lighting scheme.
The Empire State Building made a point of going white this weekend, but at least one structure in the city went and honored newly-anointed Cardinal Dolan with some red lights.
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