There are no fatalities reported so far. Video of last night's thunderstorm shows its terrifying intensity.
What a show.
Tuesday's steamy weather finally gave way to a severe electrical storm late last night, which in turn gave us some very extreme videos of lightning striking the spire atop One World Trade.
A lightning strike BURNED A HOLE in one of the airport's runways, and officials say flights are now delayed by about 1.5 hours.
Five people were standing near a tree in a park when they were struck.
It gets struck around 23 times a year, and Monday night a lightning bolt hitting the building was caught on video.
"Well, after terrifying turbulance, plane getting struck by lightning, and sent to JFK instead of LGA, I'm finally in NYC..."
The men were reportedly taking cover under a tree, and were sent flying at least 10 feet when lightning struck.
It's not supposed to stop until tomorrow afternoon.
That was something.
Check out this video showing two different lightning strikes.
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