Light rail

It's believed 88,000 people would use this Brooklyn-Queens route each day.
Some meeting participants protested a proposed shift in the project's location.
"I just think it's kind of foolish spending all this money building this system when it's at risk."
"The BQX should not only benefit people who are moving into the neighborhood who can afford to pay $3,000 in rent."
But a close read of the report reveals numerous logistical concerns.
"A lot of people are just going to take this from one point to another without transferring. This is progress unto itself."
We're twice as smart as the people of Shelbyville!
The man apparently didn't realize there was a train coming.
Photo via triborough's flickr There has been talk of streetcars returning
Photo via Sherilyns' flickr Not yet, anyway. Because doesn't this rumor
NJ Transit's board approved fare hikes for its rail and bus
The NY Times has an article this weekend that focuses on the
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