Two of the lifeguards have resigned.
Below, check out a 1940's newsreel all about the lady lifeguards of Manhattan Beach, who were “swift in action, calm in mind, a godsend to a tired little body.”
Does this get filed under "Why we can't have nice things"?
Never mind that the real atrocity is that Nathan's on the boardwalk doesn't offer raw, diced onion on their hot dogs.
Remember last summer when lifeguards became the new target for water-logged
Wednesday night a few Russian women were ticketed $250 a piece
Move over, Clementine Lee, the Parks Department has a new Public
Photograph of a surfer in the Rockaways by rdcapasso on Flickr
City lifeguards have been getting nothing but bad press these days,
Despite the ongoing attack on lifeguards, the parks commissioner is standing
With beach lifeguards doing their part over the past couple weeks
Move over, Canada geese. The New York Post has a new
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