The National Weather Service warned powerful currents are forming off the coast.
A 24-year-old lifeguard was sexually assaulted during her shift at Rockaway Beach yesterday.
The suspect is from Philly.
"I think one [suspect] had been maced. He was yelling how his eyes hurt. A cop kept yelling, 'You're just going to make it worse!'"
Apparently the fight broke out when cops told pool-goers to stop doing backflips.
"The rule is five minutes for poop and 25 minutes for throw-up. "
As the newly renovated McCarren Park Pool is packed, there's criticism about security at the facility as well as other pools around the city.
The couple was charged with endangering the welfare of the children, and possession, among other things. Children's Services now have custody of the two kids.
An 11-year-old boy was "completely blue and unresponsive" when a nurse
Remember last summer when lifeguards became the new target for water-logged
Sign at Long Beach noting there are no lifeguards on duty
After recent deaths off the Rockaways and Coney Island, the NY Times
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