Lieutenant governor

“Governor Hochul said to me when she first called me, ‘I want to have a collaborative government."
Benjamin won't officially become lieutenant governor until after Labor Day.
Hochul has reportedly tapped Harlem state Senator Brian Benjamin to succeed her as the next Lieutenant Governor.
"Nobody becomes lieutenant governor wanting to be lieutenant governor—they become lieutenant governor to become governor."
"I’m happy that she has a different view from the way the governor before was governing," Jumaane Williams said following his meeting with Hochul. "From where we were, you can only go up.”
"I know our state is in good hands with Lieutenant Governor Hochul at the helm, and I look forward to continuing to work with her," state Attorney General Letitia James said.
As Governor Andrew Cuomo stares down an investigation into sexual harassment allegations, there is one woman with a unique stake in what happens next for the governor.
Photograph by Foto Bocch on Flickr Yesterday, NJ Acting Governor Stephen
Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced that his pick for his running
Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee dipped his toe
Former Bronx Borough President and current director of the White House
The Post has a ball while reporting on how Eliot Spitzer
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