We spoke by phone with the "Highway Hero" earlier this morning about her triumphant and lonesome battle to clear the Long Island Expressway.
Police think there were two collisions.
"It's my biggest fear. I have two kids of my own."
The man was driving a 2014 Mercedes when he jumped out of the moving car in the middle of the Grand Central Parkway and walked to his death.
Authorities say the driver lost control and the car flipped over a guardrail.
The cop's truck had stopped in the right lane and then it was rear-ended by a box truck.
Many vehicles were melted in the blaze.
"All we heard was crashing behind us, it sounded like thunder. Looking back, all I saw was glass and metal, and they went right past us, at least 40 miles per hour."
Nobody panic—50 Cent is GOING TO BE OKAY, but you should know won't be able to avoid hearing the news that 50 was in a car accident early this morning on the LIE.
“I’m waiting for someone to wake me up from this bad dream.” The bereaved husband added, "My wife loved New York. She was planning this for three months. She was really excited.”
A cab driver and a tourist were killed, and an 11-year-old was seriously injured, in a three-car accident on the Long Island Expressway in Queens early this morning.
Police are still attempting to locate the driver of the 2002 Chrysler Sebring, who fled on foot, while its passenger was treated at the scene for head injuries and later charged with possession of marijuana.
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