License plate

The police officer was arrested in the same precinct where he works.
Near tolls and speeding cameras.
The woman says the license plate was deemed objectionable, 'There is nothing offensive about being atheist.'
A victim's father said, "Are we more interested in yesterday's game than that ill-fated day we should never forget. Or have we forgotten?"
You know what would complete your ecstasy of the Giants' Super Bowl victory over the Patriots AND help out NY State's revenue? Getting a special Giants Super Bowl XLVI victory license plate
A man tries to avoid paying $65 toll only to be arrested and forced to pay $5,000 bail.
Nearly four years after fighting to get a GETOSAMA license plate, a Long Island man will be getting a new one: GOTOSAMA, obviously.
Irene Rx's Flickr Our neighbors over in New Jersey are talking
Via CBS 2 If you want the world to know your
The Daily What directs us to their vanity license plate of
There are so many deliciously dumb quotes in this Daily News
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