The most popular books in every borough, courtesy of the NYPL, BPL and QPL.
Here's what New Yorkers were reading in 2018.
About damn time.
An open air extension of the NYPL's main branch, with free wi-fi? Yes please.
In an eye-opening video that shows a day in the life of various NYPL branches, filmmakers Julie Dressner and Jesse Hicks show just how necessary these public institutions are today.
Some Park Slope parents claim an excess of iPads and computers are polluting the library, distracting children from the 20,000 new books the library has in stock.
Browse through 262 of the books that were in Marilyn Monroe's expansive collection.
The police say that on Monday at around 6 p.m., a 15-year-old girl was approached by a man who "grabbed her crotch and exposed his genitals to the victim."
NYers have a constitutions right to look at porn in public libraries, and in case you doubted the passion with which they tend to exercise that right, just take a look at the video below.
In order to protest a potential devastating future blow to the Dewey Decimal System, the Save NYC Libraries campaign has been hosting a series of 24 Hour Read Ins.
New Yorkers may have a constitutional right to look at porn in libraries, but that doesn't mean your fellow patrons are just going to put up with it.
Phone booths are on the endangered species list in NYC, but one architect has found a nifty way to give them new life: phone booth libraries!
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