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The bill would provide $250 million in upgrades to the park and appoint a 17-member panel to create a master plan.

"We had exactly 150 guests. The event went off without a hitch. Very fun night. Speeches were great."

$500 gets you a bottle of champagne, VIP seating, and something even more precious...

At Liberty State Park, different plant species are working together to essentially remediate a site laced with lead, copper, and other metals.

Former diplomat, high school dropout, and son of the guy who invented the Big Mac clamshells Jon Huntsman, Jr., announced his candidacy for President of Losing to Obama today at Liberty State Park.

With 75,000 spectators on hand to watch the final day of competition

There were some initial reports of a parachuter who was at

Remember that festival over in Liberty State Park, NJ last summer

Saturday's weather was immaculate for day two of the All Points West

Aside from a passing shower in the afternoon, the weather at Liberty