Liam neeson

Colbert pulled in thespian and horse whisperer Liam Neeson to add gravitas to the part of Mr. Toffee.
Some carriage horses were heard snoring, so science tells us they're happy.
A recent poll shows that 67 percent of New Yorkers oppose a ban on carriage horses.
The artist says, "I’m on the side of the defenseless animals, but the other point about horses for me is that they clog traffic."
There were no sightings of the actor outside the Park Millennium condos during the protest, and that it was unknown if Neeson was even inside his apartment.
'I don't even know who would think about taking a ride on a smelly carriage that's being pulled by an abused horse when they see this instead.'
The mayor is warmly welcomed by the Morning Show air horns.
Neeson argues, 'Horses have been pulling from the beginning of time. It is what they have been bred to do.'
The actor and carriage horse advocate invited the mayor and all 51 members of City Council to tour a Manhattan stable today.
Neeson brought his very passionate horse charm offensive to "The Daily Show" last night. Unfortunately, Stewart wasn't very charmed by his argument. Watch below.
Forget it Jake, it's Peysertown.
Actual proof there is no God? The end of The Grey
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