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The driver reportedly told cops he left his girlfriend at a restaurant to 'teach her a lesson about smoking' shortly before he struck her.

At least one teen was hospitalized with a busted jaw from the melee, in which the teens were fighting with baseball bats, knives and brass knuckles.

"Onionhead related religious practices...have included praying, reading spiritual texts, discussing personal matters with colleagues and management, burning candles, and keeping dim lighting in the workplace."

DNA evidence showed that the two convicted men were not involved.

Here is the latest reminder that nothing you see on the internet is real.

A Long Island father has been arrested after his 7-month-old son died after he was left for 30 minutes in a parked car where the temperature reached at least 119 degrees.

A missing Queens woman's car was found near the serial killer(s) dumping ground.

As if recent revelations about sexual abuse (and coverups) in the Boy Scouts of America weren't bad enough...

There are lots of reasons why Suffolk County investigators have had a difficult time tracking down the so-called Long Island Serial Killer and not asking for the FBI's help could be one of them.

Another set of human remains were found in Manorville, LI—the fourth set found in the same general area since 2000. Two of the previous remains have been linked to the Gilgo Beach killer.