The couple said the cost of IVF and surrogacy without health coverage has been prohibitively expensive, effectively delaying their plans to start a family.
The state Attorney General’s Office said there were 1,871 incidents last year
Activists and elected officials say the history of these men and their hostile view on the gay community make them unfit to serve the city.
Ciattarelli said, "You won't have to deal with it when I'm governor...We're not teaching gender ID and sexual orientation to kindergarteners."
The new museum's location "really makes it clear that the history of the LGBTQ+ community is part of American history.”
The official Pride March was still mostly virtual, but a huge crowd took to the streets for the annual Queer Liberation March.
Black Dyke Power was the theme this year, and as we're seeing at all of these first-time-since-COVID events, the overall atmosphere was rowdy, joyous, slightly disbelieving, and festive as hell.
Hundreds marched from Tompkins Square Park to the Stonewall Inn on Friday night for the annual event.
“The answer is clear," Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote for the majority.
Councilman Joe Borelli said he was physically prevented from marching in the parade after organizers spied a rainbow flag pin on his jacket, and two high school marching bands were reportedly also forced to leave the parade route for wearing rainbow stickers.
I am distraught that I have to be here. Protecting our LGBTQI community needs to be an everyday job for all of us — not just for our neighbors, but for our business neighbors.
"Sad to report that [a] few weeks after the first incident, someone has once again set our pride flags on fire! We simply have no words!"
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