The $8 billion project to remake the entire airport, while still keeping it in operation, has caused many travelers a headache, but the end is near.
Incredible timing for such glowing press.
'What's happening at LaGuardia is in some ways unavoidable.'
It's a Thursday afternoon in August, which means that the roads in and out of LaGuardia Airport are FUBAR.
'The longer this goes on the more chances that something’s going to break. That’s what has us concerned.'
What is the robot really after?!?
A new report ranking the most and least expensive U.S. airports placed JFK, LaGuardia and Newark all in the top ten.
Expect "significant" traffic today through Friday.
About 1,800 fights have been canceled across LGA, JFK, and Newark.
One Port Authority board member called the LaGuardia AirTrain project "amongst the most ill-conceived projects that I've experienced in government."
According an investigation conducted by Uber, more than 2,300 illegal trips are happening between both airports every week.
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