Lewd photo

As Anthony Weiner's wife's pregnancy hit the news, a concerted effort to persuade the embattled congressman to resign is being orchestrated.
Anthony Weiner stayed away from the annual Israel Parade yesterday as more tweets purportedly from the Congressman begin to surface.
With Anthony Weiner keeping quiet, Weinergate coverage has now moved to his ex-girlfriends and his expired car registration.
With Weinergate petering out for the weekend one intrepid reporter went to find out if Weiner's Queens laundromat recognized the infamous Jockeys.
While Anthony Weiner's staff was busy calling the cops on a reporter, other media outlets were busy finding out what it will all mean for his political prospects.
Anthony Weiner doesn't want to talk about that photo anymore, so much so his office will call the cops on you if you try and make him.
Congressman Anthony Weiner went on a media blitz yesterday to try and deflate the ongoing wiener pic imbroglio, but instead the married congressman and 2013 mayoral hopeful may have just made things messier for himself.
Anthony Weiner's crotch-shot scandal got messier today when the Congressman told Luke Russert he "can't say with certitude" if the crotch in question is his.
The host of the Daily Show came back from vacation last night to argue that Congressman Weiner's junk does not match up with the infamous Twitter crotch-shot.
Congressman Anthony Weiner has hired a lawyer to help him deal with the crotch-shot tweeted round the web—but despite saying he was hacked he isn't calling in the cops.
The recipient of the "Weiner shot" tweeted 'round the web this weekend has come out to say that she has never met the Congressman, let alone been to New York or DC.
Was Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account hacked into Friday night, or did the self-effacing politician pull the ultimate weiner joke? It's just like Joan Didion once said: "The willingness to accept responsibility for one's own Twitter account is the source from which self-respect springs."
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