Letter grades

Two bills on the state and city level would require health inspections for food trucks and carts to be publicly posted.
Knowledge is power... and freedom from food poisoning.
"It will be obvious to any parent right away if a facility is unlicensed, even if it has been in business for a long time."
Despite the crummy grade, the restaurant was packed with sandwich seekers this afternoon.
The grades would be prominently displayed, similar to the ones in restaurants.
A coincidence? Or the restaurant not wanting customers to know about the rats and mice found during a recent inspection?
City restaurants can't stop, won't stop getting A grades.
The letter grade program celebrates five years this month.
Violations have been reduced by 13% since the same time last year.
Data shows that inspectors are three times as likely to give a restaurant a score that would give them an "A" grade.
Disguise + advertising = WIN.
Bloomberg tries to get in some more nannying before his term ends.
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