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The letter, which was addressed to the teen by name, was signed, "The guy you should never f--- over."

"I wasn't thinking I'd have many responses, but so far I've had about forty or fifty," Carpenter told us. "Virtually all of them positive, and some with real apartment leads that I've been following up."

Mick Jagger to Jann Wenner: "In return for my consent to allow you to register the name 'Rolling Stone' what do you offer as far as cover stories?"

A man named Joe is seeking out a woman named Sofia who he met on the subway July 4th. Is his letter creepy or romantic?

In the letter, which you can view at the NYPL, Burroughs states that Capote's "talent is now officially withdrawn."

Bob Dylan invited Katharine Hepburn over... but she never showed up.

In a letter, Jack Kerouac asked Marlon Brando to buy the rights to his novel, and make a movie out of it.