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Ibrahim Khan said his departure was not related to the allegations which he denies.

She will ask a federal judge to consider granting the stay Tuesday.

A luxury developer in Queens and Brooklyn that benefited from a controversial tax break will pay $3 million to settle claims that it shorted building workers on their pay, Attorney General Letitia James announced Thursday.

Attorney General Letitia James’ office says co-living companies like Bungalow are being “monitored” after several complaints from tenants.

The federal judge’s ruling could set the stage for a new lawsuit to overturn the laws, including a gun ban in “sensitive places.”

Ray Cortez bought his Brooklyn townhouse in the 1960s. Now, he faces eviction stemming from what he and his lawyers say is a case of deed theft. His neighbors are fighting to save his home.

Dozens of medical professionals, social service workers and others who shared testimony during Wednesday’s hearing decried a dismal lack of resources throughout the state for those with serious mental illnesses.

Letitia James ordered 28 firearms sellers to stop advertising and selling the untraceable gun parts.

The attorney general has been investigating Trump and his company's finances since 2019.

Roni Rubinov, 42, of Queens, is accused of recruiting career thieves to steal items from luxury retailers and drugstore chains and selling them on eBay.