Leona helmsley

Drink like you're a pampered Maltese worth $12 million.
Trouble Helmsley, a white Maltese once owned by infamous hotelier Leona
Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-Queens) unloaded on the GOP this morning, as
Photograph from sayheypatrick on Flickr Two years after Leona Helmsley's death,
Wherever Leona Helmsley is now, we imagine she's throwing a fit.
A judge ruled that Leona Helmsley's multibillion dollar fortune can be
Unsurprisingly, the Humane Society has issued a statement saying they strongly approve
Since Leona Helmsley died last year at the age of 87, details
Leona Helmsley’s dog Trouble, who was famously bequeathed $12 million from the
Known for her smoky voice and role as Bob Newhart's no-nonsense wife
After posthumously leaving $12 million to her dog, Leona Helmsley is ready
Being heir to $12 million can be a real dog. Especially if
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