Lennie briscoe

The National Coffee Association thinks it comes from curbside carts.
Sorry, newbie fans—there are just images of earlyish Law & Order detectives and lawyers so far.
What a strange way for Community Board 5 to decide whether
There's Joey Ramone Place and Peter Jennings Way. But getting a
It's not the same as an invisible Snuffleupagus, but there is
A Brooklyn judge found that there wasn't enough evidence to convict a
You'd think that being a tourist from Baltimore, you'd be able
Yesterday, people from TV, film, and Broadway, as well as the public,
Oh, Jerry. The Screen Actors Guild has given you a nomination for
It's unfortunate that we have to read all these wonderful stories about
Gothamist is utterly sad to report that Jerry Orbach, the versatile
News that our favorite Law & Order detective portrayer, Jerry Orbach, has
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