Gov. Kathy Hochul and state lawmakers fast-tracked the process, but casinos are still likely more than a year away.
While "Walking While Trans" repeal has been proposed previously, this time the bill proposes sealing prior convictions.
Businesses offering automatic renewal services will have to make it easier to quit memberships.
A bill just passed in the New York State Senate and now awaiting vote in the Assembly could make it much harder on those who sell the sweet homemade booze "Nutcracker."
New legislation making its way through Albany would make it a class E felony to steal a cat or dog, instead of the misdemeanor it currently is.
After weeks of fretting and negotiations, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is sealing
Schools Chancellor Cathie Black hit another milestone yesterday when she made her
The head of the NY Commission on Public Integrity is resigning
With news that the state could be losing two House seats
NY state Senate candidate David Mejias was arrested last night and
Veto-palooza is over—for now. Yesterday, Governor David Paterson completed his marathon of
The State Senate and Assembly may think they are close to
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