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The mayor said he's hopeful the new industry will bring thousands of jobs.

These licenses would be in addition to licenses that have been earmarked to women and minority owned businesses.

Marijuana is okay for you, but not for us, say towns that want to keep cannabis out despite residents’ approval.

“These cases are hanging over people’s heads,” said Eli Northrup, an attorney with the Bronx Defenders.

Wealthy investors and Big Cannabis companies are positioning their entry into the adult-use marijuana market in New York, but will have to work hard to take over sales from the black market.

The bill comes after years of stalling on a bill to legalize the plant.

This comes days after a social justice advocate criticized the commission due to the fact that none of its members are Black men

In a matter of months, New Yorkers will be able to cross the Hudson River to get high. Just don’t bring it back with you.

With Jersey's new law approving the sale and use of medical