Legalized gambling

The jackpot could grow to $1 billion.
Adelson and his wife have donated at least $10 million to Gingrich's campaign to keep it alive, which only represents around 0.46% of his $21.5 billion.
As any compulsive gambler knows, the only thing to do when you're on a winning streak that can't possibly be stopped is to double down.
Governor Andrew Cuomo gave his State of the State today, vowing to make 2012 the year "we must transform our government to once again become the progressive capital of our nation."
Surely land developers, the commercial real-estate lobby, casino owners and the Governor will stop at just one.
An Interior spokesman tells the Times that the rule was "unnecessary and issued without benefit of tribal consultation." A professor whose an expert on gambling gave a clearer explanation: "There's just so much money involved."
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