The U.S. Senate Majority Leader plans to bring marijuana reform to a vote, which will force some senators to publicize their long-hidden stances on the drug.
"Unlike any other state in this nation, this legislation is intentionally about equity."
The bill comes after years of stalling on a bill to legalize the plant.
Despite Mayor Bill de Blasio's repeated vows to address the longstanding disparities, legalization advocates say the NYPD has continued to use drug stops as a tool for racist enforcement.
“I don’t think New York can fail to legalize marijuana this year. I think it’s a question of how it’s going to happen, not if it’s going to happen.”
To date, at least fifteen states — including South Dakota and Montana — have green lit recreational cannabis.
'The new law does not change the penal law, under which any part of the cannabis plant, regardless of THC level, is considered marijuana.'
'It sucks. But I understand. It's about the big corporations, it's about big pharma, and they want to make money off of this.'
Many roadblocks remain, and what once seemed inevitable is anything but.
Shop owners argue that bodegas, as well as the communities they serve, should see financial benefits from any legislation, especially as rents continue to rise in gentrifying parts of the city.
'Let's exclude corporate America from this equation, period,' de Blasio said.
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