Her torso was found floating off Red Hook while a leg was found in the Hudson River, by the Upper West Side.
Blood was reportedly found in the bathtub of the missing NJ woman's boyfriend.
The leg had pink nail polish on the toenails.
A man suffered a horrific leg injury in Manhattan this weekend when his leg was mangled by the L train early Saturday morning.
A young woman's leg was severed by a passing train while she was walking on the tracks in Brooklyn yesterday.
A witness said: "One girl upstairs decides to come out of bathroom. She refused to give him money, and he pushed her in front of the train."
A reportedly "highly intoxicated" man got his leg stuck between a train and the platform last night in Manhattan.
A 70-year-old man reportedly suffered an amputated leg and severe head trauma
An NYPD cop is currently in stable condition in the hospital
SUNY Downstate Medical Center While most of us were knocking back
Councilwoman Letitia "Tish" James (D-Fort Greene) is suing a day laborer
A 16-year-old graffiti tagger was hit by a train in a
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