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Earlier in October, Daryl Morey had tweeted, "Stand with Hong Kong."

Apparently King James breached royal protocol by PUTTING HIS ARM AROUND Kate's shoulder.

The Times sports section is getting clever this weekend with its announcement of LeBron's return to Cleveland.

The biggest domino of the always entertaining NBA free agency period has finally fell, and LeBron James has announced that he is going to return to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers.

Chris Rock is at the game. I thought he was a Knicks fan? Apparently they let anyone in this place.

LeBron James and the Miami Heat made their Brooklyn debut Wednesday, beating the Nets 106-85 in the nationally televised game.

It's true that the Knicks have been playing their best non-Linsanity basketball of the season the past three weeks (give or take a Cleveland stinker). But do they really stand a chance against the big guns from South Beach?

"The tooth fairy put that under the pillow,” Heat star Dwayne Wade said about Jeremy Lin's sudden rise to superstardom. “The Knicks woke up to that.”

With the NBA starting Sunday, the real question isn't who to support this season—it's who to hate on. And it seems there's a new villain in the league: Kris Humphries.

James didn't win a championship in his first season with the Heat, but at least he can smile through the pain by parodying that soundbyte in a new McDonalds Monopoly ad.