Leandras law

The cops found her in a neighboring town.
He allegedly admitted to have about a dozen drinks at the Pinstripe Bowl.
Only 21% of those recently convicted of DWI in the city install the mandatory devices. A third of DWI drivers statewide comply with the law.
Last August the state passed a law requiring even first time
Huertas' wrecked car Today, Carmen Huertas was sentenced to four to
And this is why we have Leandra's Law. A Westchester mom
Rockaway Boulevard A Queens dad was arrested this week under Leandra's
A Staten Island man was busted for speeding drunk over the
Good to know this bus driver will never drive drunk again.
Last October, Carmen Huertas was driving a car packed with her
Shawndell Wilder's mugshot (Suffolk County Police Department) Another day, another Leandra's
A panicked 13-year-old girl made repeated calls to 911 Sunday night
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