Lead poisoning

A notice of claim says a toddler poisoned by deteriorating lead paint while attending a 3-K program in Bushwick.
“I’m frustrated that we’re put in a situation where we’re reliant on government officials to protect our children, and they’re neglecting us,” one parent said. “The DOE is negligent at this point.”
If passed, the new measures will, among other things, mandate that elementary schools are regularly inspected for peeling lead paint and require the Parks Department to test for lead in soil.
One parent's story of raising a child with lead poisoning in Lower Manhattan.
An investigation by WNYC has found substantial levels of lead contamination from deteriorating paint inside four public elementary schools operated by the New York City Department of Education.
South Asian children and pregnant women are especially at risk for elevated blood lead levels.
Asked on the Brian Lehrer Show Friday if the city was lying to residents, de Blasio insisted that it wasn't.
'Because sometimes it literally— when you’re in the middle of, as all of us are, running a whole host of things, it takes a while for some new ideas to develop.'
The city used a higher threshhold than the CDC recommends to test NYCHA housing, and only now admits to 820 kids have a dangerous level of lead in their blood.
Oliver enlisted Elmo, Rosita, and Oscar the Grouch to explain the importance of the issue so even a child, or congressman, could understand what's at stake.
"We want to assure you that New York City's water is extraordinarily safe."
The feds are now testing the rest of Red Hook Park.
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