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The law makes New Jersey the second state in the country to mandate lead service line replacement.

An NYC Comptroller's audit found 5,700 water fixtures had high lead levels in 2018 and 2019. More than half weren't remedied after three months.

A years-long court battle that brought national attention to Newark’s water crisis is coming to an end.

The leaders of a NYCHA unit charged with removing lead from public housing apartments spent years falsifying records meant to ensure the work was properly supervised by certified experts.

Some NYCHA tenants have long suspected that the true number of children exposed to lead is much higher than the city was admitting.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the city’s drinking water is completely lead-free.

If passed, the new measures will, among other things, mandate that elementary schools are regularly inspected for peeling lead paint and require the Parks Department to test for lead in soil.

Bring your questions to The Greene Space on December 16 for an in-depth look at what’s been called the nation’s longest running (but totally preventable) public-health crisis.

Seven of 22 schools tested this year had water sources with levels of lead that surpassed federal standards.