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No time of year better serves to make a person dining out feel poor than truffle season.

For the next few nights, Le Cirque chef Craig Hopson is teaming up with the Guerrilla Culinary Brigade to serve four-course dinners at the top of the Hotel on Rivington. Open wide for heirloom tomatoes!

Golden Girl Betty White turned 89-years-young this week, and has been in

Fifty years ago, chef and food writer James Beard consulted on the

(photo: Tejal Rao) Plated delivers the origin story of a dish

Photo by Melissa Hom Following a set of mediocre reviews, Pierre

Anyone who toils as a cater waiter long enough eventually hears

Last night Gourmet magazine held a big party at the soon-to-open Shang,

Le Cirque owner Sirio Maccioni, who's been known to lash out at

This week in the Times, Bruni three-stars Le Cirque, bumping the restaurant's