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Barbati was gunned down outside his Dyker Heights home in June of 2016 while carrying more than $15,000 in cash—which the killer left behind.
Spumoni Gardens is venturing onto Grimaldi's and Juliana's turf.
Federal authorities have arrested Andres "Andy" Fernandez in connection with the murder of Louis Barbati, who was gunned down outside his home in August.
Louis Barbati was found at $10,000 in cash on him.
He had $10,000 of cash in a bag with some bread when police found him.
Louis Barbati was discovered in his back yard with gunshot wounds to the head and chest in what law enforcement officials are investigating as a possible assassination.
Here are favorite spots to feed the family when they come visit.
The history of pizza feuds run deep, and they aren't all ancient history.
Food fight: A Colombo mobster allegedly beat a man for stealing L&B Spumoni Garden's pizza recipe.
Top photo: Focaccia at Palermitana; Primo Sale at Lioni Latticin. The
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